Whether you count on your fence to improve security or add curb appeal, staying on top of repairs will help keep it both safe and beautiful. Damage, shifting ground and exposure to the weather can take a toll on your fence, making it less stable and more vulnerable to additional damage. To avoid bigger problems and an expensive replacement, hire a local pro to inspect your fence and make repairs that will last. From changing gate hardware to replacing posts and panels, there are a number of options for restoring and maintaining your fence.

Wood Fence Repair

Regular maintenance can keep your wood fence looking its best. But exposure to the elements will eventually lead to problems such as cracked or rotting posts, rails or panels. When that happens, it’s time to give your fence some special attention. Hiring a pro to repair or replace affected sections is usually quick and affordable and can prevent damage from becoming severe.

Fence Support

Post repair may be needed if you have fence sections that are leaning or sagging due to inadequate support or severe weather. Your pro may need to reset or replace the posts and reinstall or replace fallen sections. Removing old fence posts and installing replacements is labor-intensive work, but a proper foundation is essential to keep your fence standing tall.

Gate Problems

A sagging fence gate can be more than an eyesore. If your gate can’t latch properly, it may not be secure enough to keep kids and pets inside your yard, or unwanted visitors out. Straightening out a crooked gate could be as simple as adjusting or replacing hardware, or could call for some work to the neighboring posts or panels. An experienced pro will be able to plan the most effective repair to get your gate straight and secure.

Quality Repairs

No matter what issues you have with your fence, hiring a pro for your fence restoration is the best way to avoid more costly problems down the road. A local pro can recommend the best materials and practices for the climate in your area and complete the work according to local codes. Keep your yard beautiful and safe with professional fence repairs.